Dino Day XI

No Entry fee.

NASS Women’s, Teen and Master’s Nationals Entry Deadline will be July 23, 2003.

NASS Men’s Open (DinoDay) and IFSA Pro Women’s Nationals Entry Deadline will be July 11, 2003.


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Event #1Event #2Event #3Event #4Event #5Event #6
DinoDay XI – Platinum weight classClean & PressHusafell Stone & Farmer’s HoldYoke/Tire/Keg RunHand-o-Hand/DragStones3 Rock Relay
Men Light(175, 200)180 (2″ Bar)330 / 190400/400/150250200, 225, 260, 300,300190,165,150
Men Middle(225, 250)220 (2″ Bar)330 / 240500/700/200350225, 260, 300,300,330226,190,168
Men Heavy(275 +)250 (2″ Bar)411 / 260600/700/250400260, 300, 300,300,330330,264,205
NASS Women’s Nationals3 Rock RelayOverhead PressHand-o-Hand/DragTire/Keg RunFarmer’s holdStones
Light -140114, 98, 79100 (2″ Bar)200275/125120100, 125, 150, 180, 200
Heavy 141+165, 129, 90140 (2″ Bar)250400/125150125, 150, 180, 200, 225
NASS Teen’s Nationals3 Rock RelayClean & PressHand-o-Hand/DragYoke/Tire/Keg RunFarmer’s holdStones
Light– 185193, 165, 150170 (2″ Bar)250400/400/150190150, 180, 200, 225, 260
Heavy 186+205, 168 , 142220 (2″ Bar)300500/700/200240180, 200, 225, 260, 300
NASS Master’s NationalsHusafell Stone SprintOverhead PressHand-o-Hand/DragYoke/Tire/Keg RunFarmer’s holdStones
Light -225264175 Log250400/400/150240180, 200, 225, 260, 300
Heavy 226+330225 Log300500/700/200270200, 225, 260, 300,330
Event #1Event #2Event #3Event #4Event #5Event #6Event #7
IFSA Women’s Pro NationalsClean & Press2″ Deadlift (60 Sec.)Conan’s WheelHand-o-HandTireFarmer’s WalkStones
150 (2″ Bar)300 (2″ Bar)???GMC Envoy400150125, 150, 180, 200, 225, 260
no belt used for Cleanbars will not be knurledClockwiseLadies will be seated100′200′ with 3 turns6 stones. Last to barrel

Pro Women Qualified: Shannon Hartnett, Liane Blyn, Buffy Gordon, Jen Aylward, Julie Havelka, Paula Suzuki, Maragret Boyle, Kara Mann & Amy Weisberger.

Event Specifics: (unless otherwise specified)

All Events will be in the Grass, unless specified. Check back by June 20 for final details.

Clean and Press=every rep is Cleaned: 90 second time limit.

Overhead Press is one Clean, and as many presses as possible in 60 seconds.

Logs are 8″ steel log. Traditional handle width. I will measure Saturday. Continental is fine with all AM pressing events. All pressing events will have a down call.

Husafell Stone and Farmer’s Hold: Stone will start on a small block 14″ off the ground. The stone will have to be held, and not rested on the knees. You will have 30 seconds after you drop the stone to pick up the Farmer’s Walk. No tacky or stick-um. Chalk only. Tape on Forearms O.K.

Husafell Stone Sprint will be a pick-up from the ground and 60’ distance. (there will be a block under the tip of the stone, keeping it from being flat on the ground. No tacky or stickum. Chalk only. Tape on Forearms O.K.

3 Rock Relay, each stone will go 100 feet, must do all 3. all from the ground 2.5 minute time limit. No tacky or stickum. Chalk only. Tape on Forearms O.K.

All Hand-over-Hand is standing in Grass. (Hard Plastic or Rubber Cleats are OK. NO METAL CLEATS or SPIKES will be allowed!) There will not be any blocks to brace on, you will have a 4’ x 6’ area to stand in, Rope is 2.25’ thick. Distance is 75’, you then Drag the sled Back 75’. Except women. You can sit down if you would like. You will only be DQed if you step out of the box twice. Front back or sides. If you fall down but your FEET stay in you are fine.

Yoke – Tire – Farmer’s will be 75’ each. No tacky on tire. All equipment will start flat on ground.

Stones = Stands are 54”, 54”, 50”, 47”, 44”. Tacky is OK.

IF “NATIONALS” is in the divisions TITLE, then you need to QUALIFY for that division, and be able to prove it. NO EXCEPTIONS, so please do not ask me for one. NASS AND IFSA RULES! Check the NASS Events Page for qualifying contests.

Competitor List:

Men’s Open Light:

  1. Steven Folk – Munroe, OH
  2. Brian Weider – Bellvue, OH

Men’s Open Middle:

  1. Dean Nascimben – Redford, MI
  2. Scott Kaiser – LaPort, IN
  3. Sean Brauer – Thorold, Ontario
  4. Bennie McClanahan – Cinncinnati, OH
  5. James Schmidt, JR. – Cincinnati, OH
  6. Scott Buxton – Worthington, OH

Men’s Open Heavy:

  1. Rick Freitag – Columbus, OH
  2. Alex Reynolds – Ardmore, PA

Master’s Nationals Light:

  1. Michael Ormiston – Highland, NY

Master’s Nationals Heavy:

Women’s Nationals Light:

Women’s Nationals Heavy:

Teen Nationals Light:

Teen Nationals Heavy:

IFSA Women Pro-Nationals:

  1. Julie Hevelka – Portland, OR
  2. Jennifer Aylward – Columbus, OH