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July 2017

Welcome To The Contest Website

11 Insane Strongmen, 7 Outrageous Strongwomen

Lifting, Pressing and Moving things so Heavy,

you might Strain Something just watching them!

NASS Men’s Open Platinum Level Amateur Strongman Show

Earn your Pro card, If you can!

Beginner , Intermediate, and Advanced Welcome!

IFSA Women’s Pro Nationals

Top 5 women earn the right to be in the Pool of athletes, sent to IFSA for a

chance to go to the World’s Strongest Woman’s Contest.

NASS Amateur Women’s, Master’s, and Teen Nationals

Challenge yourself against the best in your division!

More info to follow in March 2003!

Probable Events:

Husafell Stone Pick Up and Carry – – or – – 3 Rock Relay (puker)
Overhead Press for Reps
Squat Machine for Reps (Sorta Like World’s)
A Medley with 3 to 5 parts (boy that sounds like FUN!)